FRESNO, Calif. — In a post-pandemic era, many individuals have made it a daily practice of habitually wash their hands and mask up whenever in large crowds.

Now a new medical product is ensuring those who practice daily hygiene do not overlook the nose.

“Whether we’re washing our hands or brushing our teeth, cleaning our face, cleaning our ears, and we never really thought about the nose but it’s a very important part of our health,” said Dr. Diana Laurent, pharmacist and owner of Quantum Rx in Fresno.

NasoClenz is a first-of-its kind antiseptic kit with the slogan “Doctor designed with the nose in mind.” Launched in January of this year, NasoClenz carried out a limited release to clinicians, EMTs, doctors, and independent pharmacists including Quantum Rx in Fresno.

“NasoClenz is a new product to the market and it’s just another source of hygiene,” said Dr. Laurent. “I think our health really starts with personal hygiene.

According to its inventor, Dr. Gail Lebovic, NasoClenz has an active ingredient within the antimicrobial gel that kills bacteria and viruses.

“The magic is in our wand,” said Dr. Lebovic. “It’s designed specifically for the nose.”

The FDA-registered product features a patent-pending wand created with a soft, flexible, and comfortable material. Within the wand are leaflets that provide dual action for both cleansing and moisturizing the corners and crevices of the nasal cavity.

In a recent study published in the American Lung Association’s 2022 State of the Air report, Fresno took the top spot in the list featuring 25 of the worst cities for Short-term Particle Pollution in addition to receiving a failing grade for unhealthy levels of particle pollution or ozone.